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April 7, 2012

The air was crisp and clean and the sky shimmering a blue topaz as Christine and I wondered where everyone was at 9:35 on this exquisite Saturday morning.

No matter. As I ambled over to rev up the mower she showed me the plans for her raised beds. Several 4 x 7s in a beautiful geometric pattern. And then she said something that reminded me why we actively add new gardeners from the waiting list: "I am just having so much fun with this..."

(Moment of silence.)

I commented on the efficiency of Stanley hand saws if she needed some sawing done, and/or my help, and then went over to crank up the grass cutting machine. After a few coughs and wheezes it smokily chugged into full power and I gave the garden its first trimming for 2012. All good except for where we have some weeds and et cetera piled up outside one of the front plots by a new gardener.

Yeah, make sure ya don't leave nuthin' outside your plot in the walkways or LawnBoy will give the deer a pass key to your plot.

Be that as it may, the garden has never looked better. While the bulldozer has made a few unexpected changes to the collective landscape - yes, we now have rocks and sand and a dry river bed by the north tree line -  but we also now have extra free parking on the other. If you have an SUV or Jeep.

There are no words to describe how enjoyable it is to see all the new gardeners enjoying their new piece of Mother Nature here at HCG. Christine told me about her new neighbor Rebecca, who bicycled through the Andes (and something else I forget) and as she did I got the feeling that the garden truly has a new life this year.

After mowing, I went to the drainage ditch and scooped up some water for watering until the spigots are turned on (sometime around Mother's Day?)

In closing, this would be a good time to remind everyone to thank our Garden Captain for all the work he does. It's a thankless and payless job. Every Captain has his/her own style. I came here in '05 and Julie introduced me to HCG. Then John Thackray and Jeannine came on board and turned the place around big time. I served for about twenty minutes and was replaced by John Kitchin who everyone should seek advice for on growing onions. And now Evan Schmidt has taken the helm and ranks at the top of the list for making sure we keep the garden filled with enthusiastic gardeners like Christine and Rebecca and Joe and Sue and Scott and Bob and everyone else.

Although my back might choose to disagree, I've never worked one second in my garden. It's always been a joy each year to rediscover my plot and paint it like an empty canvas with this year's new inspirations.

So, Happy Gardening to All and Happy Easter from the bunny in the hedge who said he prefers my lettuce over my arugula.